Ramona Convent Teacher Selected for Physics Master Teacher Fellowship

Published : Friday, April 27, 2018 | 12:17 PM

Mr. Brian Kays has been selected for the American Association of Physics Teachers/American Institute of Physics Master Teacher Policy Fellowship. As a Master Teacher Policy Fellow, Brian will join a cohort of teacher leaders, educational researchers, and policy makers tasked with improving science education and influencing science education policy for our nation. Brian, who teaches Computers and Programing, AP Biology, and Honors Physics, will continue teaching at Ramona while traveling to Washington D.C. occasionally for workshops and policy/advocacy engagement.

Mr. Kays shared his thoughts on receiving the Fellowship, “I am honored to have been chosen in the first cohort of AAPT/AIP Master Policy Fellowship in physics teaching and very excited to get to work on my own policy initiative which is the recruitment and retention of minority women in the field of Physics teaching. The Ethos here at Ramona is that of servant leadership, to cast fire and liberate life, having always embraced this idea in my own life, I look forward my service in this program and hope to affect change on a large scale.”

About Ramona Convent Secondary School

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