Ramona Rampage Begins Their Next Robotics Season with a Bang!

Published : Monday, February 1, 2016 | 5:10 PM

In early January, Ramona Convent’s robotics team, Ramona Rampage, began their 2016 season. Six students, along with parents and mentors, visited the University of Southern California (USC) to watch this year’s game reveal. Afterwards, they quickly joined the rest of the team back at Ramona to start their robot. The team spent the entire weekend strategizing and understanding the complex game.

The thirteen-year-old team is no stranger to challenges ranging from stacking bins to launching frisbees. Although every challenge is different, this year’s game, Stronghold, is one that no one had anticipated. Mimicking medieval battles, robots must weaken and breach a wall of defenses, which include but are not limited to, obstacles such as moats and drawbridges, to reach their opponents’ castle tower. After successfully overcoming the defenses, the robots must shoot boulders into the tower, allowing them to capture it.

Although unexpected, the challenge is welcomed by the team. Over the next six weeks, the entire team will be diligently strategizing, building, and programming their robot which they will take to compete in San Diego in March.

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