Ramona Robotics Team Participates at SPACEPORT LA - Women in Space

Published : Monday, April 17, 2017 | 2:13 PM

L-R: Veronia Duarte ‘19, Ashley Ocampo ‘19, Roseline Duong ‘19 and Subashni Rajiv ‘18 at the Ramona Rampage booth.

Ramona’s All-Girls’ Robotics team was invited to be an exhibitor at SPACEPORT LA. Advertised as “Let’s Celebrate Women in Space,” the event was a panel presentation and project exhibition.

The panel speakers included Angela Wallace, Vice President of Booz Allen Hamilton, Brigadier General Pamela J. Lincoln of the Air Force Space Command, Virgin Galactic Founder Astronaut Loretta Whitesides, NASA Chief Medical and Safety Officer Sheyna Gifford, and Amy Shira Teitel, moderator and host of the blog Vintage Space.

Ramona’s robotics team members represented both Ramona and FIRST Robotics well as they answered questions from the over 200 guests who visited their booth. As part of the exhibit, the girls demonstrated our award-winning robot from last years’ competition.

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