Ribet Academy Celebrates Their Artists

Cherry Rui and Daniela Gonzales, two Ribet students, have spent the year taking part in the Ryman Art Program. This exclusive program takes place at the Otis Art Institute. One of the oldest art schools in California. Cherry and Daniela were two out of one hundred students chosen to participate in this rather prestigious program. The girls were required to obtain teacher recommendations and to submit Art work. Upon acceptance, they received two semesters of FREE instruction and much coveted Art Supplies. Their artwork is currently hung at the California African American Museum.

So where will they go from here…

Daniela Gonzales has been accepted to the Otis Art Institute and will begin classes this Fall. Ribet Academy is very proud of her accomplishment here at the school and we look forward to all the wonderful things Daniela will be part of in college and her career. Cherry Rui has one more year at Ribet Academy and plans to attend Medical school next year. In addition to her time with the Ryman Art Program Cherry has been very busy working as an intern at UCLA. She just returned from Boston University where she completed a two week Medical Internship. We know great things are in her future and we will one day be calling her Dr. Rui.

Who makes this all possible…

Mr. Dailey, Ribet’s High School Art teacher/guru is renowned across the country, not only for his personal contributions to the Art world and the community, but for nourishing the Art talents of Ribet Academy’s very own students.

Do you have an aspiring artist in your family? If so, why not bring them to Ribet Academy where their talents and gifts can be take to the next level under the tutelage of Mr. Dailey and the faculty and staff here at the Ribet.

To set up a school tour and/or for more information about Ribet Academy please call the school office at (323) 344-4330.

Ribet Academy is located at 2911 San Fernando Rd., Los Angeles. For more information, call (323) 344-4330 or visit www.ribetacademy.com. You can also follow them on Twitter @ribet_academy, Pinterest page www.pinterest.com/ribetacademycol/, and Facebook.



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