Ribet Academy Rolls Out An Array of Upgrades

Ribét Academy puts its students first, and believes in building a relationship between students, parents and teachers. The private academy, based in Los Angeles and spans over nine acres, and houses an elementary, middle and high school in a six building campus. Including no fewer than two art studios, tennis courts, a courtroom, basketball courts and a 99-seat theatre, the Los Angeles school boasts a one hundred percent acceptance to college.

Dedicated to the constant improvement of their school, over the summer months Ribét will be making great improvements to their nine-acre campus including all new soundproof windows for their massive building.

Classroom renovations, including new paint and installing new flooring, the school will take on new projects that will include their international dorms being upgraded with new WiFi, new flooring and new furniture. The thirty-four bed dorm will also benefit from new windows and roof. These upgrades and improvements to the school will all be done by the first day of school.

Ribét Academy is more than just a school. They are National champions in cheer, hip-hop and California State & LA County Science Fair. But more than that, they believe that their students are more than just top marks and great scores. They believe in building students’ character and teaching them respect, kindness and trust while enhancing their talents and preparing them for an ever-changing world.

Ribét Academy invites you to visit and view the new changes in their school, as well as seeing first hand why their school will fit you and your family well. Please telephone the school to schedule a tour today.

Ribét Academy is located at 2911 San Fernando Rd. Los Angeles. For more information, call (323) 344-4330 or visit www.Ribetacademy.com.

Follow them on Twitter @Ribet_Academy; Facebook Ribet CP; Ribet Blog www.ribetacademy.wordpress.com

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