Room 13 at Eliot Arts is Off to a Brilliant Start

Published : Wednesday, August 29, 2018 | 6:56 PM

Room 13/Eliot Arts off to a brilliant start! “We have over 30 students so far and the energy level in the studio has been beyond electric!” Above they are seen working on the outdoor arts corridor. Many thanks to Liane Shih, Artist-in-Residence Pasadena Unified School District Room 13 International.

About Room 13

Room 13 is an international network of student-driven creative studios founded in 1994 in Caol, Scotland. The initiative has expanded throughout Europe, India, South Africa, North America, Asia, and other locations, to nearly 100 studios worldwide. The Room 13 studio model is based upon four pillars of learning: philosophical inquiry, creative expression, reciprocal learning, and business enterprise. Each studio is guided by an artist-in-residence, referred to as AiR, who facilitates the students in their studio practice and achievement of the four stated objectives. Studios are led by a student management team, responsible for decision-making and implementing a business model. Each Room 13 studio, through its business practice, is expected to be self-sustaining to the best of its ability.

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