San Marino High School Class of 1958 and PTAffiliates Donates New Marquee

Published : Wednesday, June 19, 2019 | 3:18 PM

On June 17, 2019, San Marino High School (SMHS) Class of 1958 alumni and PTAffiliates representatives gathered with SMHS administrators to light up the new SMHS marquee.

Alumni members from the Class of 1958, as part of its 60th reunion, wanted to do something for SMHS and asked Principal Dr. Gates how it could contribute one-time monies to SMHS. Dr. Gates acknowledged that the old marquee was expensive to maintain, could not be upgraded to integrate current communications due to obsolete software and needed replacement. The Class of 1958 was excited to be part of the marquee replacement and raised $20,675 towards the project. When PTAffiliates learned that the funds might be returned to the donors because there were not enough funds to put in a marquee, PTAffiliates offered to donate $25,000 to assist the Class of 1958 in making the marquee a reality.

In expressing his appreciation for the generosity of the Class of 1958 and PTAffiliates, Dr. Gates stated, “I continue to believe that the core strength of San Marino High School is the community, and we are grateful for the community’s ongoing support. The time, effort, and funds donated specifically to support the new marquee project confirms my belief that anything that’s possible in the world of education can happen here in the San Marino Unified School District.”

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