Sequoyah School's Camping and International Expeditions

Published : Tuesday, July 3, 2018 | 2:25 PM

It’s often on a camping trip, whether it’s to a familiar stretch of California coast or backpacking into the Sierra Nevada wilderness, that Sequoyah students try and succeed at something they have never done before. When they are young this might mean going on a trip without a parent for the first time, or hiking beyond the desert oasis nearest to the campground. By junior high it has meant climbing a rock face in Joshua Tree, and spending time solo in a Redwood forest — outside of their comfort zone.

Building on the traditions of camping and field studies in Sequoyah School’s K-8 program, students in the high school take on increased ownership for research and decision-making in the field. Graduates leave Sequoyah as comfortable leaders, knowing the importance of preparation and teamwork. They are mindful travellers who bring a sense of wonder and determination to each new venture.

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