Sequoyah School’s Learning Map

For more than 50 years, Sequoyah School has been dedicated to providing an education that challenges the mind, nurtures the heart and celebrates human dignity. Sequoyah’s Learning Map emphasizes deep understanding of concepts and mastery of important skills. This is accomplished through an integrated curriculum in which students investigate essential questions.

Units of study culminate in exhibitions and performances that demonstrate student learning. In addition, student’s design and implement service projects that apply learning and benefit the community. The Curriculum Map outlines the introduction of concepts and skills over time and across subjects. Many skills and concepts overlap from classroom to classroom. The Map is designed to support both teachers and parents in attending to the individual needs of students.

The Language Arts program utilizes a workshop approach to help students to develop a love for reading and writing, the skills to construct meaning from text, and the confidence for public speaking and self-expression. Students celebrate the work of great authors, while working to become published authors in various forums.

The Math curriculum seeks to inspire students to recognize the beauty and relevance of mathematics, while preparing students to master the necessary skills while becoming patient and creative problem solvers.

The Science program helps students cultivate their innate proclivity to experiment and observe, while supporting the development of analytical skills through inquiry.

The Social Studies program begins with a focus on individual identity and then expands outward to local communities, Los Angeles, California, the nation, the world, and yes, the cosmos. Teachers build upon emergent opportunities to encourage the collaborative study of individuals and groups within society.

These are only a few of examples of learning concepts that are offered by Sequoyah School. If you would like to know more, The Sequoyah School is located at 535 South Pasadena Avenue, Pasadena. You can call (626) 795 4351 or visit for more information.


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