Southwestern Academy’s 93rd Anniversary

Published : Tuesday, April 18, 2017 | 4:50 PM

The sunny and warm sky energized the enthusiasm of students, faculty, and Board Trustees as they celebrated Southwestern Academy’s 93rd Anniversary.

Founded in the April of 1924 by Maurice Veronda –on April 7, 2017, marked Southwestern Academy’s 93rd year in existence. As tradition follows, Southwestern Academy’s Headmaster, Mr. Kenneth Veronda began the celebration by speaking about Southwestern’s history during a special afternoon assembly. Students and faculty were sharply dressed in blazers and smiles.

As a symbol of the anniversary each year, a tree is planted on campus. This year a “Pink Trumpet” tree was planted with the help of all attendees. The board members also had the opportunity to shovel part of the “Pink Trumpet’s” new home. After the ceremonial tree planting, the students were rewarded with ice cream and cake for their efforts. After stomachs we full, the afternoon games began.

Students competed in the annual “Anniversary Antics” (team games). Students changed into their house team colors and participated in an amusing series of races and friendly competitions. The students’ friendly competitive spirits are intense with the excitement and enthusiasm to win. This year, the Jokers’ team won. The day was filled with fun and proved to be another one of the most enjoyable anniversary celebrations in Southwestern Academy’s history.

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