Southwestern Academy's 94th Anniversary Antics

Published : Wednesday, April 18, 2018 | 1:36 PM

Credit Jeff Zhang

94 years and The Southwestern Academy Sun is still shining brightly. Southwestern Academy students, faculty, along with the Board Trustees celebrated the 94th Anniversary, albeit a day early. The Anniversary Antics were held on Friday, April 6th with a tree planting, cake and ice-cream, and traditional house team competitions.

Founded in the April of 1924 by Maurice Veronda –this April 7, 2018, marked Southwestern Academy’s 94th year in existence. Friday afternoon at noon, Headmaster, Mr. Kenneth R. Veronda addressed the faculty and students in Lincoln Hall. Mr. Veronda touched on several special memories and then released the students outside to the front of the school.

As a symbol of the anniversary each year a tree is planted on campus. Each student shoveled a bit of dirt to make way for the ceremonial tree. As is tradition, after the ceremonial tree planting, the students were rewarded with sweets for their efforts. Filled with cake/sugar the students headed off to change out of their blazers and into their team colors for the afternoon games.

Students competed in the annual “Anniversary Antics” (team games). Students wore their house team colors (blue, red, yellow and green) and participated in a fun series of races and friendly competitions. The day was filled with fun and proved to be an enjoyable celebration.

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