St. Andrew Catholic School's Special Emphasis Language Arts and Math

Published : Monday, July 9, 2018 | 7:10 PM

St. Andrew Catholic School’s (SACS) Students write creatively in an atmosphere of freedom, and learning to express themselves in written words. Once their initial thoughts are written and printed, they work on the editing process: revising, correcting spelling, punctuation, usage, and grammar.

Drawings and computer graphics are used to illustrate their stories and work, which fill our bulletin boards. We are very proud of our outstanding work in the area of writing and composition.

Students in Grades 6, 7, and 8 also work with Merit Grammar On-line, an online grammar program, which provides students with interactive grammar exercises that help students master difficult points in English grammar.

Reading Language Arts textbooks support the California Curriculum Standards.

FLARE Program with the Armory Center for the Arts- A professional artist from the Armory works with the seventh and eighth grade students and connects literature themes with visual arts.

Students explore through art what they are studying in the classroom. This happens for about a 12-week period each school year. The Pasadena Public Library, which is three blocks from the school, is a resource for research, library skills as well as story-hour. Students and teachers participate in story hours and special events that support the reading/language arts program.


In addition to the regular, daily math lessons, all students in Grades K – 8 practice their math skills in an online math program called Mathletics. This program provides children a chance to compete with students from around the world or earn points by working through grade-specific content.

St. Andrew Catholic School’s fourth and fifth graders have math enrichment lessons each week in small groups which give the opportunity to explore math concepts and procedures.

Students in Grades 4-8 learn math in small groups of about fifteen students. The small class size allows for greater interaction with and attention from the teacher, who can then meet individual learning needs of each student.

Math text books which support the California Curriculum Standards:

Kindergarten & First Grade: Saxon Math
Grade 2 – 6: Scott Foresman Math
Grade 7: Prentice Hall Pre-Algebra
Grade 8: Glencoe Mathematics Algebra I

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