St. Elizabeth Parish School: Angels Among Us (AAU)

Published : Tuesday, December 11, 2012 | 11:11 PM

Angels Among Us (AAU), St. Elizabeth Parish School’s Annual Fund, was launched in 2007 to support and enhance the educational experience of all St. Elizabeth Parish School children. It has been a successful program, raising over $200,000 in its first five years. Funds raised have helped purchase new tables and chairs in several classrooms, add smart boards to eight classrooms, build a science lab, purchase new computers, send three classes to science camp, install shades to increase energy efficiency, build a new play structure for kindergarten, and maintain Spartan Field, among many other improvements.

This year marks the sixth year for AAU, and the need for support continues. This year, we plan to:

• replace the computers in the computer lab
• add an additional kiln for the art program
• continue the maintenance of Spartan Field
• provide guest speakers
• send our students on exciting field trips
• expand our library collection
• continue to provide tuition assistance

The community’s help is needed to ensure that AAU meet their goals of $75,000 and 100% participation by school families. No gift is too small, and all will be greatly appreciated. Please prayerfully consider the contribution your family can make and fill out the pledge form or you can give online.

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