St. Elizabeth School: Enhancing Academics Through Arts in a Faith Community

Everywhere you turn, education is being discussed: nightly news, local paper, yahoo, periodicals, blogs, PTO and coffee shops. At every level there is an opinion. I am old enough to remember my mother saying, “Why do they always throw out the baby with the bath water?” What is missing? In many schools, the Arts!

The whole child is the whole picture in their own individual and unique way. A test score does not reflect the potential of any child. We are missing the parts of the puzzle that develop the whole child, the whole brain! At St. Elizabeth, we are dedicated to a strong academic program, but that alone does not give a child the best advantage for life. In order to develop both sides of the brain, our students participate in fine arts, music, physical fitness, and performing arts. The goal in each of these programs is to promote student centered creativity with teacher guidance. Creativity is applauded! Our art studio offers students a variety of mediums with which to create. Dancers grow to choreograph their own dance. The theater program is a cooperative effort of students exploring theatrical make-up; others creating sets or running lights, while more are developing the characters they are representing on stage.

So where programs were thrown out with the bathwater as they were deemed an unnecessary budget item, a whole portion of the child’s brain was neglected. Creativity is needed in all walks of life; St. Elizabeth is keeping that alive! The potential of each of our students as intelligent, articulate and creative thinkers is promising!

Come see what you are missing and experience St. Elizabeth School:
Tours and Information: November 4th, 9:00 a.m.

St. Elizabeth Parish School, 1840 N. Lake Avenue, Altadena, (626) 797-7727 or visit



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