St. Philip the Apostle School: School Wide Learning Expectations

A St. Philip the Apostle School Student will:

Reflect Moral and Religious Values By:

• Showing understanding of and confidence in their knowledge of the Catholic faith
• Applying moral and ethical values to everyday decisions
• Valuing and respecting life
• Serving the community, exhibiting compassion and seeking social justice
• Respecting others and oneself
• Integrating faith with all life experiences

“Show They Understand Our World By:”

• Developing cultural awareness and acceptance
• Gaining an awareness of the worlds’ religions
• Learning about nature and its relationship with God
• Knowing our global role and its connection to our lives
• Respecting our environment
• Exhibiting proficient knowledge of diverse subjects

Be A Well Rounded Individual Who Can:

• Use information to make good spiritual and physical choices
• Show confidence and self esteem
• Discover applications for academic knowledge
• Exhibit good sportsmanship
• Be aware of their strengths and weaknesses
• Resolve conflicts constructively
• Show confidence and self expression in artistic, athletic or musical abilities
• Utilize opportunities for leadership

Be a Critical Thinker by:

• Analyzing, evaluating, organizing, synthesizing and applying information
• Actively seeking knowledge and applying it to new experiences
• Evaluating differing viewpoints
• Developing solutions to life challenges

Be an Effective Communicator By:

• Being able to carry on a conversation and interact well with others
• Demonstrating effective writing skills
• Listening actively
• Understanding and utilizing technology, proficiently and appropriately
• Maintaining an inquisitive mind

St. Philip the Apostle School, 1363 Cordova St., Pasadena, (626) 795-9691 or visit









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