Stacy, Service Dog for Sonya Wilson, Marshall Fundamental ASL Teacher Needs Help

This gorgeous girl is 8 years old. She was born to a litter at a program that trains dogs for the job of being a Guide Dog for the Blind. Although Stacy did well in her qualifying exams to become a candidate for training, her vets said that she might develop arthritis later in life due to being so little. As a result, she was transferred in 2009 to San Francisco where at the Hearing Dog Program she was able to begin her training to become a Service Dog for the Deaf. The Hearing Dog Program and I go way back because they trained and matched me up with my 1st service dog name Taz who was with me 16.5 years until cancer took him over the rainbow. I believe Taz chose Stacy for me. To be blessed with 2 incredible dogs from the same organization is such an honor.  Pictured above is when we 1st met 2009 she was 1.5 years old. Love at first sight!

Her Job
On a daily basis, Stacy has to be a responsible pup. Being that I am Deaf, her job is to alert me of all sounds in my surrounding. Every morning, she will hear my alarm ring and rush over to me to wake me up with big wet kisses. When my second alarm goes off and I’m still snoozing, she brings her favorite toy and drops it in my face for encouragement! Once my teapot on the stove gets steamed up and is singing, a nose tap lets me know and I am lead into the kitchen. Any time a guest knocks at the door, Stacy seems to forget her weight and nearly knocks me over when she comes to alert me. She never misses a bell at the high school when we are at work and warms the hearts of those she meets. She does her job very well and brings joy to my life and to the lives of many around her. Everyone is always so impressed that she understands her commands in American Sign Language. She is an advocate at heart and educates so many on a daily basis. She also loves squeaky toys, running in her sleep, and playing fetch.

Her Challenges
As of more recently, I started noticing Stacy losing her spirits. Others have also brought to my attention that she has been looking down and sad. I know that age is something to consider, but she has been moving much slower and showing more sensitivity in her legs and muscles. For the last month, seeing her so lethargic, less active, nervous to climb stairs and limping was too much I had to take action for my fur-girl my best friend. I took her to visit her vet in hopes of getting her checked out. After running a series of tests, her vet diagnosed Stacy enemic low iron (cause has not been found yet) and Hip Dysplasia (which explained her limping and sudden hesitation to climbing stairs), but we still don’t know what else is going on at the moment. She is still not being herself but, despite her good days and bad days, she is trying her best.

These treatments have left us with medical bills and expenses piling up. Within recent days, she has had a few procedures that alone have summed up to close to $1,500. She will be receiving medications, making doctor’s visits, physical therapy, and other services and procedures she needs to help her keep moving forward, feeling better, slow down the arthritis, become stronger physically, higher energy and build her confidence again.

Your Donation
With your donation, I will be able to continue care for Stacy, both short and long term. I am reaching out to you because I have exhausted my abilities to continue to pay out of pocket for her treatment. I pray to be able to raise funds necessary to get her the support she needs. All funds will go towards paying for Stacy’s medical bills, medications, physical therapy and any other needs she might need. Any donations that are given in excess to the set goal will be put into “Stacy’s Medical Fund”, a account that will be used for the remainder of her life span. I’m doing this to try to ensure that Stacy can have a happy long life while she is here with me and I appreciate your help and support in this tough time from the bottom of my heart. Help me help her!

Please also consider giving to the Hearing Dog Program. Without their help, Stacy and I would never been brought together.



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