Students Learn Importance of Community Service

Helping others is an important part of being a valued member of the community you live in as well as the world at large. During the holiday season, one of the most important gifts you can give is the gift of giving back. Children also receive an invaluable gift when taught the importance of helping those in need.

Alverno High School takes great strides to ensure that their student body is taught the importance of community service as well as receive real world community service experience. Alverno High School wants to “to ensure that community service is an engaging experience for our students that inspires the compassion to continue helping those in need.” They are taking five steps to revitalize community service at their school.

First they teach their students about social justice. Not only do they want their students to help those in need but have a greater understanding of why the people they are helping need that help. The school wants their students to be engaged with the community they are helping. They want the students to learn active, not passive, service and get to know the area they are providing assistance to.

Alverno High School wants the students to give back together. According to their website, “When students are side-by-side with their friends and teachers, they see, with their own eyes, how everyone around them values this service which helps to inspire that passion for service in themselves.”

Reflecting on the acts of service they have completed is an integral part of their operation. Sharing with others why they helped and what it meant to them helps students delve deeper into themselves and their outreach choices.

Finally, Alverno Students are called to inspire others to give back to their community not just by words, but by actions. By working together we can help make our communities a better place.

Alverno High School is located at 200 North Michillinda Avenue in Sierra Madre and can be reached at (626) 355-3463. You can visit them online at


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