Study Tips for Students

It’s that time of the year again, students are being bombarded with final exams, PSAT and SAT tests as well as trying to balance the social lives and family holidays. Ambitious students want to have it all and, with a little time management, they can.

Schools, like the Arroyo Pacific Academy, are known for outstanding AP scores and college acceptance rates, many students have mastered the art for studying efficiently. For those students who are still working on their academic careers, here are a few tips on how to ace that next test.

The first step to good studying is to be proactive about learning. Pay attention in class and take good notes – there’s no way you can try to teach yourself a semester worth of material in the nights before an exam.

It’s important to set a schedule and goal for each study session. Make sure you block out a distraction-free time to focus on your goal such as, learning 50 new vocab words, memorizing key facts or skimming through a few textbook chapters.

Find your study method, some people prefer flash cards while others benefit from making outlines. Try a few methods to see what works best for you and, once you’ve found one, stick to it.

Space out your studying a few days ahead so you’re not scrambling to get through pages of notes at the last minute. It helps to break these study periods into small chunks and gradually work up longer periods of concentration.

Finally, know when to use a study group. If you’re having trouble with a concept or want to talk through difficult ideas. A study group is your best bet. Just be careful that it doesn’t turn into a social session, set out with a clear plan to make the most of your time.

Few people look forward to studying but these tips will, hopefully, make for a less stressful and more productive study session. Good luck on your exams, Arroyo Pacific Academy! It’s time to hit the books.

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