Super Heroes of the Environment

Published : Thursday, June 14, 2018 | 1:10 PM

Ms. Kyle’s sixth grade class.

One shovel at a time, High Point Academy (HPA) students did battle with stinging nettles and hostile shrubs to make the world safe for hikers and their four-footed friends. In May, Eaton Canyon Nature Center once again provided an opportunity for HPA’s sixth graders to tame the unruly paths that meander around the canyon. They cleared overgrown, invasive weeds and pulled out the dreaded nettles. The day also offered a rare moment of reflection on the peacefulness of nature.

Andrew B., John K., and Kelton L.

Jessica P., age 12, noted, “We cleared paths, decreased the odds of fox tails getting stuck in dogs’ ears, and lowered the fire hazard. We also helped the environment and made the world a better place.”

“I think I helped the environment by picking stinging nettle and helping ensure the safety of the canyon by clearing flammable dead plants,” Andrew B., 12, added.

Lindsey D., Isabella B., and Abigail W.

While one crew of sixth graders dutifully cleared walking paths, another rescued an idle outdoor classroom. Weeds and overgrown foliage were yanked out and bagged up by Ms. Kyle’s and Mrs. Nguyen’s students. Now, as summer approaches, benches are ready for use, and the community can come together for environmental education.

“We cleaned up the seating area, and now people can enjoy nature in peace,” observed Jaidyn-Bleau P., age 11.

Twelve-year-old Colin K. also noted his role in helping the environment by “clearing out a plant that acts as kindle for fire.”

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