The Four Cornerstones of Maranatha High School’s Learning Objectives

Every school has their own ideas of what makes for successful learning and how to achieve the best results. When choosing the school you will send your child to it is important to have a good understanding of the mindset of each potential school.

Maranatha High School has four cornerstones to their learning approach.

Transformative Disciples are biblically literate students, who are growing followers of Christ, living out and modeling their faith in community to affect the world for Christ.

Rigorous Scholars are critical thinkers who have mastered an aptitude for study, are trained through a Christian worldview, and have a love of learning.

Skilled Communicators are students who express themselves through the mindful use of technology, meaningful writing, masterful oration, and creative illustration.

Global Stewards are students who are service driven, missions minded, environmentally responsible, culturally respectful, and globally aware.

Spirituality will deliver “Students practicing genuine faith in Christ.” This means that students will understand and share a rationale for God’s word, have a Biblical outlook on life, and use Biblical solutions for resolving conflict.

For more information on Maranatha High School you can visit www.maranatha-­ They are located at 169 South Saint John Avenue in Pasadena and can be reached at (626) 817­4000.


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