The Frostig School's High School Transition Program

Published : Friday, July 6, 2018 | 12:20 PM

This program is exclusive to Frostig School and is designed for all high school students. The objective of the program is to help students and their parents plan for life after high school.

The Frostig School’s Transition Program focuses on these four areas:

• Career awareness and development of employment skills
• Self awareness and self advocacy
• Independent living skills
• Planning for post-secondary placement, education and training

It also prepares its students to assume responsibility for their educational decisions as they reach the age of majority (18 years of age). To that end, Frostig works to develop “interagency cooperative planning” with various providers, including the California Department of Rehabilitation and regional centers.

The Transition Program goes far beyond the Individual Transition Plan that is required for students who have an Individual Education Plan (IEP). Frostig requires five semesters of course work starting in the 9th grade: a half semester in both 9th and 10th grade and two full semesters in both 11th and 12th grade. Upper classmen gain job experience by working in the student store and cafe. It should be pointed out the transition program is not a college-preparatory or job placement program or a functional living skills program. Both parents and students must be active and equal participants with Frostig.

Here are some helpful websites which may be of interest to you:

The Department of Rehabilitation
The Regional Center
DSPS hompage for CCC System
Social Security Administration
Work Source

Please see The Frostig School’s Post Secondary Guide for more detailed information about its Transition Program.

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