The Gooden School's Buddy Program

Published : Friday, July 27, 2018 | 1:01 PM

A longtime tradition at The Gooden School is the Buddy Program. Younger students are paired with students in higher grades.

Throughout the year, big and little buddies share many common experiences, including sitting together in chapel, at assemblies and partnering up for special school events.

This unique program provides younger students with a sense of security as they are shepherded by the oldest members of the student body.

“I really like hanging out with my big buddy at Buddy Recess and Buddy Chapel. I also like getting buddy hugs.” – first grader

“I like that you get to know the whole school and your big buddies can show you around when you don’t know things.” – fourth grader

“My big buddy is the best!” – first grader

“The Buddy Program is a great way to get to know the younger students.” – eighth grader

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