The K-8 Experience at High Point Academy

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As a K-8 school, High Point Academy has a distinct and unique aura with a different tone and culture than a K-6 or a K-12 school. High Point’s K-8 configuration is rich in value and strength.

Students enrolling in kindergarten experience a continuing commitment for nine years. Graduates are equipped with excellent character and leadership, critical and creative thinking skills, a strong academic foundation for high school, and develop a life-long connection and bond with High Point.

High Point faculty are experts in meeting the academic, athletic, artistic and social needs of the K-8 grade learner.

High Point provides age-appropriate boundaries for the K-8 learner. In Middle School, we do not merely imitate high school. Instead, we prepare our graduates for high school.

High Point allows time for students to discover themselves as learners, leaders, citizens, visual and performing artists, and athletes prior to making informed decisions about high school.

High Point students do not grow up too fast. High Point’s environment allows students to experience age-appropriate activities and events, without the influence of high school students.

High Point graduates are sought after by secondary schools because of the strength of their academic preparation and the strength of their character.

High Point’s secondary school counseling process ensures that students are placed in high schools in which they will thrive and flourish.

High Point’s eighth-grade students are community leaders. Younger children view them as role models; their teachers hold high expectations for them, and they respond accordingly. The comprehensive level of responsibility and leadership vested in our “seniors” gives them a taste of real leadership and allows them to develop the self-confidence that will prepare them for success in high school.

Leadership skills are developed at every grade level through participation in athletics, the arts, student government, and public speaking.

Families enroll siblings ensuring a continuity of a genuinely close-knit sense of community from K-8.

The High Point legacy lasts a lifetime. Students experiencing High Point throughout elementary and middle school develop timeless values, friendships, a strong academic foundation, and zeal and curiosity for learning that will benefit them throughout their lives.

High Point Academy, 1720 Kinneloa Canyon Road, Pasadena, (626) 798-8989 or visit







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