The Performing Arts at Maranatha High School

Courses and Groups

The Performing Arts Department at Maranatha includes Theater I, II, and III, Concert Choir, Mixed Ensemble, Orchestra, Advanced Instrumental Ensemble, Dance I, II, and III, Dance Company and Dance Team, Introduction to and AP Music Theory. In these classes and groups, students learn about artistic and creative expression, interpretation, production and directing, aesthetic review, historical and cultural context of theater, music and dance, and connections to performing arts in careers and literature.

Theatrical Productions

Currently, students perform a minimum of two theatrical productions each year (winter and spring). These productions are performed on the stage of the Internationally acclaimed Ambassador Auditorium, located adjacent to our campus. In addition, music and dance students prepare for two large performances each year in the Ambassador Auditorium, and various on and off campus events such as the Los Angeles Association of Fundraising Professionals Philanthropy Day, Candlelight Christmas Processional at Disneyland, Hollywood Charity Horse Show, Pasadena Mayor’s State of the City Address, Pasadena Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, MHS chapels, Performing Arts Chapels, MHS Grandparents’ Day, and more.

2019-2020 Season: “Light from the Fringes”

Rarely does change happen from the center. Rarely do those who stand at the center of power want change to happen, because, in the process they will lose that power. Many times the truth that changes the world comes from the fringes of power, where the artist lives. From their position on the edges they can speak the truth to the culture and spark the change that needs to happen. The Lord Jesus was a perfect example of one who spoke from the fringes when in John 1:10-11 it tells us that, “He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him. He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him.”

The main characters in each of the shows this year are speakers from the fringe; from the one juror in “Twelve Angry Jurors” to Jesus himself in “Breath of Heaven,” to Horton and Gertrude who speak for the people of “Who,” to the outsider in our Spring Showcase titled “Outsider.” We would like this season to inspire us to follow the lead of our Lord and provide light from the fringes, truly bringing about the change that our culture so desperately needs.

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