Tips for Hosting a Productive Study Group

School can be hard and AP classes are the most challenging of all. If you signed up for an AP class this semester and are starting to feel overwhelmed now that class is kicking into gear, don’t worry. Here are some tips to use to ensure that you achieve great success in your classes!

1. Start With the Goal. Make sure everyone in the group agrees on why you’re there. For example, a good goal would be to learn the material. Some people may be showing up just to fulfill a requirement, or to have an impressive class on their transcript, or because their parents always wanted them to be a doctor, or a lawyer

2. Join a study group. AP classes are more manageable when you have a supportive group with you. Reviewing together is a great way to share information and ideas. Everyone has their own, unique perspective and study plans and you may benefit greatly from sharing these.

3. Balance Your Strengths. Different people are good at different things. Remember that when you are working in a team!

4. Put in the time! Attend any review or tutoring sessions offered. Be sure to participate in the AP simulation test days when they are offered. Great teaching and study groups will prepare you well for the test, but you want to be sure that when you sit down to take it, you have done your best to prepare yourself. Strategies to try would include watching informational videos online, buying and using the AP prep book, taking as many practice tests as you can, and visiting the College Board website for information.

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