Tutoring Tips for High-Achieving Students

Published : Monday, October 31, 2016 | 12:28 PM

Students should learn strategies to become independent and effective learners as well as how to manage their time and activities, both in school and outside it.

They should know how to implement effective note taking strategies and how to use study tools, such as flash cards and color coding, to study efficiently and improve test scores. Learn to work smarter, not just harder!

● Organize and schedule study time. You are in control of results so plan ahead and don’t cram.
● Create a study atmosphere free from distractions. Supply the area with all needed materials.
● Actively read by first surveying the table of contents, pictures, captions, graphs, charts, etc. and then reading for content
● Write down several questions about the surveyed content as you go along.
● Read with the intent of discovering the answers to the posed questions.
● Recall the content by writing answers to the posed questions or developing an outline of the content.
● Review the written notes, question responses and then outline the material you read.

Teaching lifelong study skills will pay dividends far beyond school. Maranatha High School tutors are very capable at motivating and recognizing children for every skill learned and building your child’s confidence.

For more information on Maranatha High School you can visit www.maranathahighschool.org. They are located at 169 South Saint John Avenue in Pasadena and can be reached at (626) 817-4000.




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