Two San Gabriel Christian School Students Proclaimed Regional Winners of "Imagine This" Story Writing Contest

Published : Friday, December 5, 2014 | 12:20 PM

Eighth Grader Mason Liu (l) and Sixth Grader Claire Bailey. Photo courtesy San Gabriel Christian School

San Gabriel Christian School is proud to announce that Sixth Grader, Claire Bailey and Eighth Grader Mason Liu are regional winner in this year’s “Imagine This” Story Writing Contest with the California Foundation for Agriculture in the classroom. ( Caption for the picture)

The goal of the contest is to promote a positive learning experience with reading, writing, and the arts, and to further the understanding of agriculture in our lives.

“Our state is dependent upon the success of agriculture, yet today, we are faced with bigger challenges than ever before. Over the last century, children have become further removed from the land that feeds and clothes us. In fact, only 2% of the population is directly involved in production agriculture and many children when asked where food comes from, will reply, “the grocery store”. With more than 7 million students in California, it is essential that these children – the next generation of consumers, parents and decision makers – grow up with an understanding of agriculture’s critical contributions to our society.”

Their stories now go to the state level for judging by grade along with winners from three other regions in California. If selected as a state winner, the story will be illustrated and published. Copies are sent to school libraries across the state. State winners are announced in January.

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