“U-Days” Are About You!

The University of the West, a small Buddhist affiliated university in Rosemead, is wrapping up their successful spring orientation this Friday. There’s still a chance for prospective students to get a head start on the semester.

Offering undergraduate and graduate programs to students of all walks of life and from all over the world, the school has close to 400 students enrolled at their residential campus.

From business, psychology, and English literature to religious studies as well as a Masters of Divinity program, the university offers students various courses with, “plenty of individualized attention and an interactive learning environment,” according to Dr. Maria Concepcion Ayon, the Dean of Enrollment.

The student life is extremely varied, with an international population representing over 30 countries.

“We have 50 percent international and 50 percent domestic students including students from China, Taiwan and Liberia in addition to students from South Dakota and Ohio!”

“Our orientation, “U-Days”, is a week-long event where students are invited to come to campus and make their final preparations for the spring semester. said Ayon.

Language and math assessments, information about the Student Success Center, financial aid, and health insurance are also available to students at the orientation.

To see the itinerary, click here. [http://www.uwest.edu/site/file/docs/student_services/U-Days%20Student%20Orientation-Spring2015.pdf]

So if you’re a future student, don’t miss your chance to get ready for the upcoming semester and head over to U Days now! Open enrollment is still available.

The University of the West is located at 1409 Walnut Grove Ave., Rosemead. For more information, call (626) 571-8811 or visit www.uwest.edu.

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