Walden School Teachers Discover Why Dysgraphia is a Sensorimotor Problem

Published : Wednesday, November 1, 2017 | 2:52 PM

School wasn’t in session on Monday, October 30, but Walden teachers were far from idle. In addition to core meetings, teachers learned about the importance of handwriting from occupational therapist Dr. Jamie Chaves from The Center for Connection. In this tech-saturated age where children are constantly faced with screens, handwriting is more challenging and more important than ever.

As Chaves explains, “Handwriting requires the integration of almost every sensory system in order to create a legible, organized product. When a breakdown occurs in any or several sensory systems, handwriting is generally negatively impacted.” Read the rest of her blog on dysgraphia here: http://www.thecenterforconnection.org/blog/2016/8/26/why-dysgraphia-along-with-other-forms-of-poor-handwriting-is-a-sensorimotor-problem

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