Walden's Middle Core's Year-long Study of the L.A. River Culminates into Classroom Press Conferences for Parents

Published : Tuesday, June 26, 2018 | 1:17 PM

Walden’s Middle Core’s year-long study of the L.A. River culminated into classroom press conferences for parents and finally an exciting presentation for a special guest: Mike Affeldt from the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office and the Director of LARiverWorks, the office that is directing L.A. River revitalization efforts.

Inspired by their research about the river’s flora and fauna, its past, and the Tonga way of life, the students developed their vision for the waterway’s future, which they presented to the fascinated visitors. Ideas include transforming the river back to its natural state with clean water, oak forests, and thriving wildlife, edible plant gardens, nature paths, museums, zip lines to trade and recycle food and goods, intergenerational schools along the river bank, and community spaces for collaboration, invention, and learning about each other’s cultures.

Mike Affeldt gave the students’ vision for the future river a raving review and mentioned that he would love for them to come speak with his team of designers! Walden School is inspired by its young city planner’s enthusiasm for creating a healthy and sustainable city environment, and are confident that the future of Los Angeles is in good hands with such visionary and mindful thinkers.

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