Waverly MS Science: 2014-2015 Impressions

Photo courtesy Waverly School Middle School science program

After 80 Blog posts, and a whole school year of hands-on science, I asked the students who would be willing to share their thoughts on the blog, to write about their impressions of this year. I have been so proud to see them becoming young scientists in how they approach the world, in that they don’t necessarily accept everything they encounter, but instead ask, “What is the evidence?” They have learned to design experiments, organize and analyze data and write about science. I sincerely hope they have had fun too. I know I certainly have. – Toby

“The Middle School science program is great. Toby goes over important concepts in class. Science is very hands-on, and everybody has a chance to perform experiments in class.” – Alden

“This year science was great and it was fun. What made it really fun was all the labs we did. All the things we learned in science were always interesting. I love science!” -Andy

“This year in science I had a lot of fun! It was interesting learning about energy, force and motion, how the body works, and micro-life. The activities were very entertaining especially the ones in micro-life, where we got to make microscope slides. Also, I really liked seeing who was infected with the disease (by a pink color change in their ‘saliva’) in a simulation we did. All the units had fun and unique activities that were great for different reasons. Many people had favorite activities like I did, and that’s a great thing!” – August

“I really enjoyed science this year because it was fun and hands-on! I learned so much about energy, the body, germs and more. Thanks for a great year Toby and class!” – Brea

“Science this year was full of interesting and fascinating units in which we learned captivating information, and tested our hypotheses in endless experiments.” – Claudia

“I love science, because Toby not only makes science class interesting, she also makes it so much fun! I loved the Cell Biology and Disease unit! I am going to miss science class so much.” – Emma G-D.

“My first year of science was amazing! Toby has really made all the activities fun even it it’s just a reading. I’m so excited for next year and what Toby has in store for us.” – Emma M.

“Science this year has been a wonderful experience! I have learned so much this year such as how to conserve energy, Newton’s Laws of Motion, the parts and functions of the human body, and how contagious diseases spread. All of the lessons were detailed and interesting because we got to do labs, roleplays, and other activities. I have enjoyed science tremendously and am super excited to learn even more next year, so I can apply the knowledge I have gained in science to my everyday life.” – Franny

“I liked the class blog this year because it has many pictures of my friends and me.” – Harris

“I would like to thank Toby for a wonderful experience and for teaching me more than I thought possible.” – Harry

“Science is full of new learning experiences that come with hard work. The activities we do show us how energy transforms and how diseases can spread. It teaches us what we cannot see, but how things work undercover. You can’t see how diseases spread, or energy flows around something, and that is how science is amazing.” – Jadyn

“Science was so sick this year.” – Joaquin

“I really enjoyed this year of science and one of my favorite units was “Force and Motion”. – Luke

“I will miss Toby :’( – Mia

“Science was really fun this year. All of the units were cool and exciting, but my favorite unit was the Body Works unit. I also really liked Cell Biology and Disease. It was really fun looking at the microbes under the microscope. It was a great year. Thanks Toby. I can’t wait for next year.” – Trevor

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