Waverly School Middle School Science 2013-2014 Students’ Reminiscence

To my amazing, incredible students – I have had so much fun in science with you this year! I asked the students who would be willing to share their thoughts on the blog, to write about their impressions of this year. I have been so proud to see them becoming young scientists in how they approach the world, in that they don’t necessarily accept everything they encounter, but instead ask, “What is the evidence?” They have learned to design experiments, organize and analyze data and write about science. I sincerely hope they have had fun too. – Toby

“Thank you Toby, science has been fun this year!” – Emma G-D.

“I really enjoyed my last year in (middle school) science! Genetics and chemistry were my favorite units and because of what I leaned from Toby, now I have an interest in working in either chemistry or genetics when I get older. Both years in science have been great! A few years ago I never would have guessed I could love science so much I really enjoy the hands-on experiments and Toby’s teaching style. Next year I will miss science class a lot, but I am excited to learn more about science at the Waverly High School.” – Isabella M.

“Throughout this year in science, I have learned a lot of new concepts. These ideas made me look at the world entirely differently. Over the two years I have spent in the middle school, Toby’s teachings have always amazed me. So I hope that the incoming middle schoolers will enjoy science as much as I have.” – Shelby O.

“Thanks for the three Jeopardy points David!” – Noah S.

“Science is a huge subject that has been very hard to comprehend. Toby really helped us all to not only understand the material, but to enjoy learning about it. For this I think that we are all very grateful.” – Annika Z.

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