Waverly School: Preparation for The 21st Century

Published : Monday, July 29, 2019 | 5:13 PM

Waverly School prepares students to be…

Intellectually Curious and Literate Individuals Who:

• are committed to academic excellence
• work in a full range of academic and artistic disciplines
• appreciate the relationships among disciplines
• are self-directed and think for themselves
• reflect on and learn from experiences
• take intellectual risks
• employ study and research skills

Complex Thinkers Who:

• use problem-solving strategies
• analyze information and test ideas
• make informed choices
• generate and ask pertinent questions
• question assumptions
• apply abstract concepts

Effective Communicators Who:

• are able to express themselves verbally and in writing
• use language appropriate to the various academic disciplines
• use evidence and examples
• resolve conflicts in a peaceful and respectful manner
• listen actively
• express themselves creatively
• effectively use technology and understand both its powers and limitations
• use the arts as a form of expression

Socially, Emotionally, and Physically Healthy Individuals Who:

• develop confidence and self-knowledge
• exhibit personal and intellectual honesty and respect
• take responsibility for themselves and their actions
• adapt to change
• define and confidently pursue goals
• choose a safe and healthy way of life
• work collaboratively

Responsible Global Citizens Who:

• are committed to peace and social justice
• value universal human rights and respect the beliefs and cultures of others
• recognize diversity and the interdependence of all things
• actively protect the environment
• engage in the local, national and world communities

The Waverly School, 67 W. Bellevue Drive, Pasadena, (626) 792-5940 or visit thewaverlyschool.org.









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