Waverly School’s Class of the Week: Mrs. Whitaker LeMay’s 4th Grade Language Arts Class – “Believe in Your Selfie”

For Waverly’s School’s first ‘Class of the Week’ feature, the students spent a period with Mrs. Whitaker LeMay’s 4th Grade class, where they participated in a getting-to-know-you and community-building exercise called “Believe in Your Selfie.”

Students first paired up with another classmate, and then took selfies using digital cameras. Although the “old” cameras did not allow students to see themselves while taking the photo as they are accustomed to from taking selfies on today’s smart phones, they did have a partner to help position the camera and let the photographer know she was in the frame.

Once the laughter over their outtakes subsided, students returned to their worksheets where they answered questions about themselves. Each student created and decorated a poster using her photo and answers from the worksheet.

The lesson not only helped students develop social skills, it also facilitated community building in the classroom – one of the key elements to creating a culture of thinking at schools.

Visit Mrs. Whitaker LeMay’s classroom to see all of the posters on display, and learn a little bit more about Westridge 4th Grade community!

More photos here: http://bit.ly/believeinyourselfie

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