Weizmann Day School's AfterSchool Adventures

Published : Thursday, August 16, 2018 | 3:43 PM

Weizmann Day School’s popular Afterschool Adventures (ASA) program is available until 6:00 p.m. for a reasonable hourly or monthly rate. ASA provide nutritious snacks, a quiet place to complete homework and a fun environment to do arts and crafts or get out and play.

Every month features a theme, such as The Enchanted Forest or Dia de los Muertos, and a related curriculum designed by our beloved educational specialists Ms. Lori and Ms. Pruess — who together have 50 years of teaching experience!

Afterschool Classes
In addition, a revolving list of on-site enrichment programs and activities are available including: gymnastics, chess, mad science, yoga, art and ceramics, cooking, LEGO robotics, basketball, soccer, guitar, and much more!

Weizmann’s MAKING/Tech program is particularly popular. The program offers:
• Woodworking: Side Streets Projects brings the workshop to us — in a converted school bus! Students accumulate a working knowledge of techniques like sanding, sawing, shaping, drilling, setting screws, using clamps, hammering, and incising.

• Electronics: they learn about breadboards, resisters, transistors, capacitors, and switches (and a fancy-sounding thing called Boolean logic).

• Robotics: they explore the design and function of robotic arms, hands, and grippers, study pneumatics, and build a robotic arm that really moves. Then they learn to program it using an Arduino Uno microcontroller. And that’s just for starters!

Afterschool Sports
In addition to our sports classes, upper grade Weizmann students are invited to join our friends at New Horizon School’s Sports Club and be part of the New Horizon Nighthawks team and the Foothills League. Sports include flag football, soccer, volleyball, and basketball, and students participate in weekly games with other independent area schools.

Winter Adventures
During the winter break, students catch up with their friends as they enjoy day camp. Ms. Lori and Ms. Pruess plan daily themed activities that include:
• arts and crafts
• STEAM activities
• indoor and outdoor games
• cooking
• sports fun

Weizmann Day School, 1434 N. Altadena Dr., Pasadena, (626) 797-0204 or visit http://weizmann.net/.

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