Westridge' Head of School Elizabeth J. McGregor on Mr. K's Thought-provoking and Entertaining Send-off to Seniors

Published : Thursday, June 8, 2017 | 3:52 PM

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Leo Kitajima was selected by the senior class to speak at this year’s Senior Class Day Assembly, a lovely tribute to all involved as Leo departs Westridge along with the girls at the end of this year for his next adventure in Northern California. He took this blank slate of an invitation to think big and deep in a presentation about our growing addiction to speed and his personal strategy of slowing down by integrating digital and analog when possible.

The presentation includes a Sankyo music box that plays music via punch cards as well as a record player, and ends with a performance for the girls by Mr. K himself. Many senior parents who saw the presentation live asked that it be posted.

Westridge have done so here because it is well worth all of Westridge School’s community time and rumination.

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