Westridge School's 7th-Grade Service Learning Class Challenged Students to Avoid Using Plastic This Week

Published : Wednesday, December 12, 2018 | 1:10 PM

The entire Westridge 7th grade was challenged to avoid single-use plastic this week as part of the service learning class that focuses on human impact on the environment. Students have spent the last few weeks learning about all types of trash (from electronic and clothing waste to food and plastic waste) and how to reduce their environmental footprint. This project gave them a chance to put their knowledge into action and earn some literal gold stars in the process! To track their progress, students placed star stickers on a poster in MUDD to mark the plastic items that they avoided this week, including plastic bottles, utensils, cups, bags, and Tupperware.

“I wasn’t sure whether students would get on board with reducing their plastic use,” said Becca Marcus, service learning coordinator. “But every day this week I’ve seen students in the Commons and they were so excited to tell me all the ways they are avoiding plastic. I think it’s been fun for them to track their progress on the board and see the progress of the class as a whole. Knowing that they are part of a larger group avoiding plastic helps them see that, together, their choices about plastic use can have a huge impact.”

With the success of the 7th grade program, Marcus hopes to launch an all-school Plastic challenge in the spring.

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