Westridge School's Featured Class: Field Studies in Geology

Published : Thursday, December 14, 2017 | 2:19 PM

Pasadena Westridge School's Featured Class Field Studies in Geology

This school year, the new Field Studies in Geology class has taken Westridge Upper School science program to new heights… literally! So far, the class has studied the stars at Mt. Wilson Observatory, gone exploring in Eaton Canyon, climbed dormant volcanoes at Carrizo Plain National Monument, and more.

Taught by Rob Greene, the course is designed to explore the connections between physics, chemistry, and biology from a geologic perspective. Over the course of the year, the class will cover the internal structure of the Earth, rock types and formations, and major earth science theories like global warming and evolution. To begin their study of plate tectonics, the class visited the San Andreas Fault this weekend, and when they return from winter break, they will travel to Death Valley National Park for an overnight trip.

“The idea is to challenge students to utilize the skills they learn in class to explain the story of the land and forces responsible for creating it,” says Greene. “The field studies experience brings the theoretical concepts to life.”

The course not only trains students in field study practices, such as how to collect samples, measurements, and other data, but also provides opportunities for students to put their research to the test in the laboratory. Stay tuned as we continue to follow this class’ learning adventures through 2018!

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