What is Christian Service?

Maturing as a Catholic radically changes the list of priorities–“serving others” is no longer one bullet point among many; it’s the overarching aim of everything else on the list. One of the most worldview-shattering truths in Christianity is the notion that living only for yourself is not a valid option and won’t make you happy anyway.

When you first read the Catechism, you may be surprised to see that it actually has an answer to the age-old question “What is the meaning of life?” To know, love and serve God. And how do we do that? The short answer is simple, by loving and serving others. That’s why we were created. That’s what we’re supposed to do. That’s how we find the lasting peace we all crave.

Throughout the ages, churches have been synonymous with charity and service. Christianity did not become a religion of service because Christians think its fun to be involved in charitable causes. It’s not simply a tradition passed on through generations. It’s not that Christians are just naturally nicer people than anyone else. What happened on the macro level to make Christian churches known throughout history as places of refuge is the same thing that happens on the micro level of the human heart when someone devotes his life to God. Simply put, it comes down to this: wherever you find Christ, there you will also find all-encompassing, self-sacrificial love for others.

Bosco Tech students learn the truth of these words from the letter of James. Because they believe that service is essential to spiritual development, we provide this opportunity for our students. With support from the entire school community–parents, teachers, and administrators – we provide the opportunity for Christian Service. Guided by Christ’s teaching to love our neighbor, and illustrated by Don Bosco’s example of loving kindness, Bosco Tech develops young men of all faiths who understand the importance of service to the local, national, and world communities. Our students are active contributors in our = community, providing service to others in small and large ways—tutoring, coaching, serving—that ultimately help them mature into young men of character and compassion.

Bosco Tech is located at 1151 San Gabriel Boulevard. Call (626) 940-2000 or visit them online at www.boscotech.edu.



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