Why Your Child Should Learn Spanish

Considering today’s global economy, being able to speak a foreign language is invaluable for any adult. If you think about it, there are only a few things that you can do in your child’s education that will impact their future. However, learning a foreign language is by far the most significant. Being able to say that they are fluent in Spanish in future situations could easily give your child the competitive edge that they need as an adult.

Children who learn to speak a foreign language perform better in basic English skills in elementary school, score higher on standardized tests such as the SAT and demonstrate better problem solving skills and flexible thinking.

A child’s brain is twice as active as an adult’s brain and still in development as they grow to adulthood. In this developmental stage a child can learn a second language 8 times faster that an adult. The research concludes that the brain changes, as the child gets older. It becomes more difficult to learn foreign pronunciation and hear the different sounds in the foreign language. As we get older our own language patterns interfere with the new language being learned.

“It’s in a child’s nature to drink things in all the time – everything is new to them… they’re just naturally learning all the time,” said Miriam Epstein, found of Kallpachay Camp Summer Immersion.

Kallpachay Adventure Camp Summer Immersion, is a camp where children learn Spanish through play in a true immersion setting. During the camp, children explore the dynamic world of the Costa Rican jungle and other kid friendly themes. The colorful and intriguing animals are extraordinary and will magically ‘transport’ campers to the ‘jungle’ where it is super fun to speak Spanish. During this week campers get to build a large scale ‘time travel machine’ out of recyclable materials.

Children play active and quiet games, create, sing songs, act, dance, cook, play sports and discover the joys of learning Spanish through various activities. Theme vocabulary includes colors, verbs, nouns, adjectives all about these animals and their unique features.Theme vocabulary is all about these colorful animals and their unique features.

Kallpachay Summer Immersion Camp takes place at Judson International School in Pasadena from June 6 -24 and July 11 until August 5. You can sign up weekly online at




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