Wilson Middle School Students Stand Up and Step In

Published : Monday, January 25, 2016 | 12:36 PM

“Ask me how I SUSI” was the question of the day at Wilson Middle School Jan. 20, 2016 when students launched the national SUSI campaign, which stands for “Stand Up Step In,” part of a year-round program called “Be Kind Online” that helps students build and sustain healthy relationships and positive communication online. The campaign encourages adolescents to be upstanders, not bystanders and encourages positive interaction.

SUSI supplements the activities and academics at Wilson Middle School, according to Principal Sarah Rudchenko.

“Our client is the adolescent child – the individual who is going through a remarkable stage in life and experiencing rapid and significant developmental changes,” she said. “At this unique age, it is important to organize an emotionally safe environment for our students and to understand their strong need to belong.”

Wilson Middle School offers music, theater and athletics programs in addition to its strong academics. A vibrant student leadership group plans and organizes activities and clubs; a Safe Schools Ambassador student peer group is trained by school district counselors to forge and strengthen links between groups of students who might not otherwise comingle. The SUSI program supplements this work to ensure the social-emotional health of Wilson students, according to Rudchenko.

Created by two nonprofit organizations, Beyond Differences and iKeepSafe, SUSI includes curriculum for teachers and counselors to use in the classroom and activities for students to take home.

Student Voices Inspire

Excluding others is so common in so many schools and it needs to be stopped. I have personally experienced this and can say that watching it is not fun. A boy in my class was being excluded from a group project because he was socially awkward and different. So I stepped in and had him join my group. In the end we got an “A” and I was happy. So I’m asking everyone: please Stand Up and Step In.” – Brooke, 7th grade

If I see my friends in trouble or being bullied, I help them because I know they would help me if I was in the same situation. One time my friend was being talked about behind his back. At first I was unsure about saying something but later decided that no one should be talked about. – Michael, 8th grade

Words are so powerful; they can wound or heal. Think and feel about others the way you want them to think of you. People who are different are not weird or less fortunate. Life is a circle: what goes around comes around. Keep your circle positive! – Rachelle, 7th grade

I have been bullied and I can say that it’s not fun. Our world needs people to take charge and stand up for others. – Mia, 7th grade

Have you ever felt left out for being different? Well I have and so have others. Don’t judge someone. Get to know them first. – Melanie, 7th grade

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