With Halstrom Academy, Young Television and Film Actor Gets Most Out of School and Life

For 15-year-old Halstrom Academy freshmen Kayla Carlson, life is busy and full, and she is loving it all. This part-time television and film actor and full-time high school student finds time to make the most out of all aspects of her life. Looking at Kayla’s IMDb resume, which includes a host of films and television shows – including a guest star appearance on CSI: New York – one might wonder if Kayla had any time for school. But for Kayla, school is as big a part of her life as her acting and modeling career. With Halstrom Academy and its one to one student to teacher classroom ratio and flexible scheduling options, Kayla doesn’t have to compromise in any area of her life.

“I love school,” says Kayla. “At Halstrom Academy, the teachers get to know students and are able to craft teaching to each student’s interests.” Kayla says she likes all of her subjects because teachers make them interesting. Through her cultural geography class, she connected with a women’s rights activist in New York who has been able to open her eyes and teach her more about women’s rights issues around the world.

Outside of the classroom and her busy acting and modeling schedule, Kayla finds time for watercolor painting and creative writing. She plans to take art classes as electives at Halstrom, and she wants to learn screenwriting. In addition, she is a member of the math club, and is part of a newly formed dance and theatre group which gives her a PE credit as well as an opportunity to work with other Halstrom Academy students. “I really love the students at Halstrom. Even if kids don’t have the same interests, everyone is supportive of each other. There are no groupies or cliques.”

Kayla goes on to say, “With the 1:1 classrooms, the student doesn’t want to let the teacher down, and the teacher doesn’t want to let the student down. I know my teachers work hard for me, and I want to do the same. It really helps the learning experience.”

Halstrom Academy, 35 N. Lake Ave #250, Pasadena, (626) 500-0050 or visit www.halstromacademy.org/pasadena.


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