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A Perfect Combination

Jason and Laura Berns double their value

Published on Monday, February 10, 2014 | 3:31 am

It’s one thing to develop a winning strategy. It’s quite another to execute it.

Jason and Laura Berns of Keller Williams understand that simple idea both from being successful themselves, and from understanding that it takes more than just a strategy.

As Jason told Pasadena Now recently, “We do what we do, and others may try to copy it, and that’s okay. We love what we do.”

Laura and Jason Berns of Keller Williams Realty

Laura agreed, saying, “I think this comes from a genuine place in our hearts, where we want to impact the lives of others. When you come from that real place where you really want to help people and assist them in this life decision, then the good comes and your success will build over time.”

Certainly their record as individual agents and in working together, helps to drive that point home.

Before joining Keller Williams, Jason was named the top real estate agent at Podley Properties in 2010, as well as the first and second-ranked agent throughout 2011. For her part, Laura was consistently the top sales agent on the Parsons Real Estate Team at Keller Williams, and her team was nationally ranked in the top 50 teams of sales for 2009, and 2010. In addition, her sales team was honored in 2009 with the special award of “Top Luxury Homes Agent” within Keller Williams.

Together the two of them help 75 families lease, buy, sell, or invest in a new home in 2013, closing $44,397,670 in overall volume, placing them among the Top 125 realtors in LA County, and one of the top five Realtors in the San Gabriel Valley.

The two married three years ago, and joined forces professionally in May of 2012, immediately finding success together.

Said Jason, “We really found that when one plus one come together, it’s like there’s four people. We’re symbiotic, we’re like-minded, and we both had great business coaches.”

Much of the pair’s simple success has come from that like-mindedness, and, as Laura described it, “putting the needs of the customer first.”

Another simple factor in their success? The value of education, not only by being well-educated in the field, but educating their customers as well, proving that a well-informed buyer is a better buyer.

Jason taught elementary school for six years, and traveled the world as a teaching tennis pro, and feels that educating and teaching is his “heart and passion.” Laura, meanwhile, is the chair of education for the Keller Williams Company. Always a teacher at heart, Laura remarked that she had just noticed, while walking to our interview, one of her classes starting “right on time,” inspiring her yet again.

“Go get ‘em!” she laughed.

“So, that heart of an educator is the way we deal with our clients,” added Jason. “It’s not transaction-based, it’s relationship-based. I think lots of people make the mistake of thinking in terms of transactions, and for us, transactions are not going to make or break us. It’s obviously how you get paid, but for us, it’s about helping our clients, and taking care of the relationship.”

Both Jason and Laura marvel at the idea of real estate brokers thinking they can do the job part-time: “People think they can just put a sign out, and it will happen, Jason explained. “That’s not how it works. We made the very purposeful decision a long time ago that if we wanted this to succeed, we needed to do this full-time. If you’re making the biggest business decision of your lifetime, do you really want someone who is doing this part-time?”

The other part of that is trust,” Laura added. “The seller and the buyer need to have confidence and trust that you are representing their needs to the best of your abilities, and are they able to really able to do that with someone who is doing this part time?”

As she explained, a buyer recently remarked that she was spending a large amount of money on her new house in escrow in an iffy neighborhood, and Laura responded, “That’s not your house. We’re going to find you something where you will really be happy,” and, steering her away from that deal, eventually found her something else off-market, that was far closer to her real needs.

“She wrote us a note,” remembered Laura, “saying that we were her ‘angels.’”

As with any successful real estate professional, both Jason and Laura are from the community they serve, both having grown up in and around Pasadena. Laura attended Pasadena’s Westridge School before going on to college to major in Spanish and Psychology, while Jason attended school in La Canada, before attending Westmount College in Santa Barbara, where he earned a degree in religious studies and education.

Returning to the neighborhood and helping to serve the San Gabriel Valley, has been rewarding to both, and illustrating the idea that a successful real estate career in the community is a benefit not only to Jason and Laura, but to the greater community at large.

As Jason described it, “We really like to think of it as creating the magic.”

Jason and Laura Berns are at Keller Williams Realty, 251 S Lake Ave, Pasadena. 626-826-4544 .

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