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Bob the Builder (Yes He Can!)

From kitchen renovations to full-on house remodeling, Bob Hatch can do all your home improvement or restoration projects with aplomb

Published on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 | 2:07 pm

When DIY improvements don’t go your way, there’s one man who can make it all right.

Bob Hatch, of Bob Hatch Builds, is someone who can do it all when it comes to construction. And then some. A general building, engineering and demolition contractor, Hatch has been in the business ever since he was a kid, helping his dad with remodels and other construction projects.

“I helped him until I was about 20-something with kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, room additions, all sorts of things. Probably slept only four hours a day, I remember,” says Hatch.

In 1972, Hatch took a two-year course to perfect his skills and get his license as a general building contractor. “I already knew most of it by then but I just want to get it perfected on everything,” he adds.

After getting married, Hatch continued working with his dad at night at the machine shop while doing construction during the day to make ends meet. Hatch’s sons helped him once they were old enough, with the eldest getting his own general contractor’s license and electrical license as well.

Hatch also has a demolition license and general engineering contractor’s license. “I have to say, demolition and engineering, I got to play with dynamite, literally,” says Hatch.

When asked of the difference between the engineering and demolition licenses, Hatch tells us, that with the engineering license, “you can build skyscrapers, bridges, you could do any road work, lots of options. Demolition, obviously, is you can demolish just about any structure on the planet.”

From building homes to laying down roads and bridges, Hatch can build an entire city if he wants. Oh, and he can demolish it any time too. However, Hatch says he sticks to “residential, the old and historical homes.”

“I’ve worked on bungalows and I’ve probably worked on hundreds of homes in the Bungalow Heaven area and a lot of other historical-protected districts like Washington Square and so on,” adds Hatch.

Hatch says that when it comes down to it, he can build a house from top to bottom, including plumbing, electrical, roofing, framing, the whole shebang. “I like to learn each trade and get as much detail out of it as I can to master it basically,” says Hatch.

If you have a job that needs to get done, a house that needs to be built, or even a building that needs building, Bob Hatch is the man with the plan.

To learn more about Bob Hatch Builds, visit, or you can contact Bob Hatch at (626) 354-8339 or email at

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