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Bustamante Shows Knows Tiffany Glass

Dealing in antiques for over 39 years, Bustamante Shows knows its antiques. Tiffany glass included.

Published on Tuesday, May 28, 2013 | 1:11 pm

One of the more endearing qualities of antiques is its history. The more interesting and historical the story is, the more it is sought after. Tiffany glass is all that and then some. Being beautiful works of art only adds to its allure.

We had a chat with Rick Kaplan, a vendor of Bustamante Shows since the late ’70s, to talk about his own love affair with Tiffany glass.

“My love was for art involved in art deco, and Tiffany does represent a good portion of a lot of things from that period and more in the art-involved period going into the 20’s,” says Kaplan.

What makes Tiffany glass so valuable to collectors, Kaplan explains, is “because nobody was able to duplicate the quality of work that Tiffany was able to manufacture. His work was top of perfection.”

Tiffany started out doing stained glass windows for churches, and from there, Kaplan says, “with the advent of inventing electricity with lighting, he soon realized that the windows could also be made into lamps.”

The rest, as they say, is history.

For the Bustamante Show, Kaplan reveals some of the items he will have for sale.

“We will have a couple of lamps, one will be a Tiffany turtle-back lamp which is basically, a lamp that Tiffany produced where the glass, rather than being in little pieces, is a large thick piece of glass. There will also be a standard Tiffany leaded glass acorn-shaped. The name acorn was given because of the design on the shape,” says Kaplan. Tiffany glass is a part of American history that’s worth investing in. It looks good, it’s functional, and it’s value increases over time.

To check out what Bustamante Shows has to offer and for the schedule of shows, visit

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