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Laurie Leshin Assumes Role of JPL Director

Wednesday, May 18, 2022 | 6:41 am

Laurie Leshin formally assumed her roles as JPL Director and vice president of Caltech on Monday, succeeding Michael Watkins, who retired in August 2021, and Lt. Gen. Larry D. James USAF (Ret.), who currently serves as JPL interim director. She joins JPL from ... More »


NASA/JPL’s InSight Records Monster Quake on Mars

Tuesday, May 10, 2022 | 6:15 am

NASA / JPL’s InSight Mars lander has detected the largest quake ever observed on another planet: an estimated magnitude 5 temblor that occurred on May 4, 2022, the 1,222nd Martian day, or sol, of the mission. “Since we set our seismometer down in December 2018... More »


Caltech Researcher Explains: What Is the Future of Wind Energy?

Friday, May 6, 2022 | 6:19 am

? Humans have used windmills to capture the force of the wind as mechanical energy for more than 1,300 years. Unlike early windmills, however, modern wind turbines use generators and other components to convert energy from the spinning blades into a smooth flo... More »


“Black Widow” Star Devours Its Rapidly Circling Companion

Wednesday, May 4, 2022 | 10:31 am

In black widow star systems, a rapidly spinning dead star, called a pulsar, blasts its orbiting companion with radiation, slowly evaporating it. Like their namesake spiders, the pulsars take advantage of their lower-mass companions before destroying them, by h... More »


Startup from Caltech Nabs XPRIZE Award

Saturday, April 30, 2022 | 5:55 am

Caltech-based startup company Captura, which captures carbon dioxide (CO2) from ocean water to combat climate change, has been awarded $1 million from the XPRIZE Carbon Removal competition. Captura was co-founded by Harry Atwater, the Howard Hughes Professor o... More »


Caltech Launches Merkin Center for Pure and Applied Mathematics

Wednesday, April 27, 2022 | 5:42 am

Caltech trustee Richard Merkin, MD, founder and chief executive officer of the Heritage Provider Network, has made a generous gift to establish a center for pure and applied mathematics at Caltech. The new Richard N. Merkin Center for Pure and Applied Mathemat... More »


NASA Extends Exploration for 4 JPL Planetary Science Missions

Tuesday, April 26, 2022 | 8:09 pm

Following a thorough evaluation, NASA has extended the planetary science missions of eight of its spacecraft due to their scientific productivity and potential to deepen our knowledge and understanding of the solar system and beyond — four of the chosen are he... More »