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City Cannot Use Shuttered St. Luke’s Medical Center to Treat Patients

Former health care facility lacks plumbing

Published on Wednesday, March 25, 2020 | 6:00 am

According to Mayor Terry Tornek, the city sent a team to long- shuttered St. Luke’s Medical Center to see if the hospital could be reopened and used as a resource during the pandemic.

“We sent a team into St Luke’s,” Tornek said. “But the plumbing has been stripped out. It’s not viable.”

For almost 70 years, St. Luke Medical Center, on Washington Boulevard near Altadena Drive, was a critical health care resource for Pasadena, Altadena and Los Angeles County.

In 2002, the 165-bed hospital was closed by former owner Tenet Healthcare Corporation. In 2013, the space was briefly discussed as a possible site for an urgent care facility.

Meanwhile, Tornek said he is getting lots of emails from constituents. Tornek said many of the emails are anonymous, even though some of them contained good ideas.

“I got a lot of complaints about the density at the Rose Bowl loop. You know, on the weekend people were walking too close together,” Tornek said.

“They weren’t maintaining the social distance. And of course, that was a problem that was recurring across the county at the beaches and other places. I went down there to take a look for myself. I’m trying to shelter, you know, at home as much as I can. I didn’t get out of my car.”

Tornek said the city is also getting endless requests for help with things like toilet paper.

“One of the suggestions was that the city should buy a huge quantity of toilet paper and deliver some to every household in Pasadena,” Tornek said.

“That was one of the suggestions that I got, but I wrote back to that person that I didn’t think that was a practical idea. She said, well then if you can’t deliver it, then set it up in a trailer at the Rose Bowl and let everybody drive by and pick up the toilet paper.”

Needless to say, the iconic stadium won’t be renamed the toilet bowl anytime soon.

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