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City Wants Zoning Appeals Board to Disapprove Conditional Use Permit for Car Wash

Published on Thursday, November 18, 2021 | 5:26 am

A proposed car wash on Colorado Boulevard would result in more than 1,011 average daily vehicle trips and 505 vehicles in the area, according to a city staff report.

“The frequency [vehicle trips] of noise associated with outdoor activities that would be impactful to the adjacent neighbors, include, but is not limited to, employees directing vehicular traffic and on-site activities, noise from customers as they wait in the vehicle queuing lane then from a residential site and vacuuming activities.” according to that report which cites a transportation impact analysis.

City staff is recommending the Board of Zoning appeals disapprove a conditional use permit for the 3,845 square foot, two story Wild West Express Car Wash.

Current plans also include a 22-car capacity vehicle queuing lane along the western, southern, and eastern sides of the subject site to allow vehicles would also be created.

Five on-site buildings would be demolished, one existing driveway on East Colorado and two on San Marino Avenue would be removed and a new two-way driveway would be created on East Colorado Boulevard.

A parking lot with 33 parking spaces, 31 with self-serve vacuums for customers and two for employee use would also be on site.

According to a city staff report, staff found the project is not compatible with several General Plan policies that guarantee projects demonstrate a contextual relationship with neighboring structures, compliment and respond to the existing physical characteristics that contribute to the overall character and livability of the neighborhood and ensure commercial uses adjoining residential neighborhoods or mixed residential and commercial uses are designed to be compatible with each other.

 “The anticipated number and frequency of vehicles visiting the site, along with impacts of outdoor on-site activities associated with the use would be detrimental to the general welfare of persons residing in the neighborhood of the proposed use.” according to the staff report.

In correspondence to the BZA nearby residents expressed opposition to the project.

“We live on a quiet residential street and the opening of a car wash will greatly increase traffic on our quiet street,” said Mary Keledjian. “There is already a giant car wash only a few blocks down that generates a lot of traffic. We do not need another one. Please protect our neighborhood from traffic coming into our quiet streets and protect the safety of our children who play on our sidewalks.”

Last November, a city Hearing Officer approved a CUP for the property that is presently occupied by five buildings previously occupied by a business dealing with vehicle services, sales and leasing.

In response to public comments, the Hearing Officer added four conditions in order to address concerns related to traffic along San Marino Avenue and noise from the vacuums along the southern property line.

Vice Mayor Andy Wilson requested the call for review on Nov. 30.

“Car washes start at Rosemead Blvd / Colorado to Sierra Madre Do we really need another car wash station ?” said Dolores A Millan.

In April, the owner of the car wash, Tiko Pogosyan, told Pasadena Now last month that rather than create congestion his new express wash might relieve it.

“I think any kind of a use that you put in there, residents are going to voice some concerns in regards to traffic, noise, and air pollution,” said Pogosyan. “So those are three basic items that you know residents have issues with on any kind of a project you put in.”

The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday. It may be viewed live at

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