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Community Police Oversight Commission Hears Updates on Investigation into Shooting of Alleged Carjacking Suspect by Pasadena Police

With this incident, the District Attorney will have four Pasadena police shootings spanning three years under investigation

Published on Friday, August 5, 2022 | 5:48 am

Police investigator at the scene of a fatal police-involved shooting on Lake Avenue near Orange Grove Blvd. on July 30, 2022. [Photo by @JamesFarrLive]
Independent Police Auditor Richard Rosenthal shared his report regarding the ongoing investigation into the recent shooting of an alleged carjacking suspect by the Pasadena police at the meeting of the Community Police Oversight Commission on Thursday.

35-year-old Adam Youines, who was armed with a handgun, was shot last Saturday during a vehicle pursuit by Pasadena, Monrovia and California Highway Patrol officers, which ended in the 600 block of North Lake Avenue.

Only Pasadena police fired weapons against the alleged suspect when he reportedly drove at officers. Youines was a Montebello resident but originally from Pasadena.

According to Rosenthal, the case is the fourth pending Pasadena police officer-involved shooting case currently under investigation by the District Attorney’s office.

“Now with this case which is currently under investigation by the homicide division, there are now four cases that will be handled by the District Attorney.”

“We’ve got in fact a case from Nov 23, 2021, which involved a fatal officer-involved shooting which reportedly involved a gunbattle between officers and a murder suspect. We have a May 8, 2020 fatal officer-involved shooting which reportedly involved a gun battle.”

An officer-involved shooting from May 17, 2019, also remains pending with the DA’s office, according to Rosenthal.

Rosenthal lamented the delays in the release of the decisions and said he is now in discussion with the Pasadena Police Dept. to determine whether or not administrative investigations should proceed even without a DA decision.

“The reality is having an administrative investigation review that is more than two years after the incident helps no one. It doesn’t help the community, doesn’t help the officers involved, it doesn’t help the department.”

“I believe very strongly in the timely adjudication of these cases. My plan is to work with the department to reach out to the District Attorney’s office to try and find out what the timelines are and whether there are new plans on their part to try and improve timeliness.”

Rosenthal said he will share updates regarding his plan to the CPOC next month.

“We may not be able to get those cases adjudicated by the DA’s office but with administrative reviews and how the city follows up, we can have a role and there are recommendations we can make,” Commissioner Noemi Emeric-Ford said after noting that it will be hard for Pasadena’s Community Police Oversight Commission to have an impact on what the DA’s office will do.

“I would be very interested in how we can play a greater role in talking with the city that even if the DA isn’t doing their job and doing it efficiently, we as a city still need to move forward and do the right thing for our community,” she added.

Meanwhile, at the meeting Commander Art Chute said PPD will soon release critical incident videos related to the July 30 shooting incident.

“We will release that within 45 days and that will be a compilation of all videos to include body-worn camera video to include in-car camera video and whatever videos that we can collect that would give us and the community the best picture of what occurred,” said Chute.

“Our goal is to get it out as quickly as possible but we want to be through when we put it out as well and we want to be complete so we don’t want to try to rush it and miss things in the haste of getting it out,” he added.

Assembly Bill 748 requires the police to release videos of critical incidents within 45 days, according to Chute.

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