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Coroner Identifies Pasadena Woman Killed Crossing Street

Published on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 | 6:30 am

[Photo courtesy Google Maps]
A local woman who was struck by a car and killed as she crossed the street last Friday morning at the intersection of San Pasqual Street and Allen Avenue has been identified.

The victim was Yangyang Liu, 33, of Pasadena, according to L.A. Coroner’s spokesperson Sara Ardalani. Liu died at the scene from blunt-force head trauma.

Officers responded at 11:19 a.m. and found the woman lying in the street, according to Lt. Anthony Burgess. She was already dead from serious injuries.

The driver, a 20-year-old local man, remained at the scene and cooperated with police.

Burgess said speed may have been a contributing factor in the collision. The driver was heading south on Allen Avenue.

A number of nearby residents told Pasadena Now that speeding on that stretch of San Pasqual Street and running the 4-way stop signs at the intersection with Allen Avenue are commonplace.

“You can clearly see all four stop signs at this intersection, the trouble is that few people stop. I shot a movie clip of people running the stop signs, many going through the crosswalks at 25-30mph,” a woman named Tracy said. “Selfish, thoughtless, stupid people, they finally did the inevitable.”

The City Council adjourned its Monday meeting in the name of Liu along with recent victims of gun violence.

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One thought on “Coroner Identifies Pasadena Woman Killed Crossing Street

  • The stop sign for the southbound lane is obscured by a parkway tree that leans out over Allen. The sign is not impossible to see, but it is easy to miss. The city appears to have recognized a problem because a yellow caution sign warns southbound traffic of the stop sign. None of the other three stop signs at the intersection has such a caution sign. The Tracy you quote has no way of knowing why people run that stop sign. In some cases it may well be selfishness, but in some it may be the obscured sign and inattention caused them to miss it.

    Like Tracy, I have seen drivers run the stop sign. I have also seen them slam on their brakes at the last instant, likely because they saw the sign at the last moment. Once while I was waiting to cross, a driver ran the sign and then stopped in the middle of the intersection and apologized profusely, saying he hadn’t seen the sign.

    I have never seen a car run a sign at the other three corners of the intersection. The city needs to install a rumble strip or speed bump in the southbound lane to alert inattentive drivers. A red flasher on the stop sign would be effective, but undesirable for the neighborhood.